Professional Street Sweeping and Parking Lot Sweeping

If you’re ever walking down W San Fernando St, or Market St, or even just a regular street in your San Jose neighborhood and you think to yourself: “Hey, this street looks remarkably clean. In fact, this whole city seems nice and clean.” Chances are we passed through recently with one of our air vacuum sweepers or broom sweeper trucks. We are CleanSweep Services, Inc. and we take clean streets in San Jose seriously.
Our professional crews and equipment can make your street or parking lot shine, whether its as small as the Walgreen’s on the corner or as big as the HP Pavilion parking lot, we’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the Bay Area. We can sweep your parking garage, your apartment complex or the streets covered by your HOA. We can even come out in the middle of the night to avoid inconveniencing you and your customers.

Parking Lot Sweeping services

Our crewmembers are well trained, covered by workman’s compensation insurance, English-speaking, uniformed, and professional. Our equipment ranges from a crew member with a backpack blower to air vacuum trucks perfect for light debris like cigarette butts, leaves, cans and paper and heavy-duty sweeper trucks that can handle dirt, gravel, compacted leaves, sand and other heavy debris.
We want to help contribute a clean, presentable San Jose to the world, even if it’s just one clean street at a time.

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